Sisters Awesome Boxers

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Feeding your Boxer...

As with any other breed, it is important to feed your boxer the appropriate amount of food for it's age and activity level.  Boxers are active dogs and require a blend of nutrients and vitamins to stay at an optimum level of health.

How often you feed depends on how old your boxer is--puppies eat several times a day, while an adult only eats once a day.

We feed our boxer puppies three times a day.  They love our "Heavenly Turkey Barley Stew" and readily dive into their feed dish!  Between 5 and 6 weeks of age we add softened puppy chow to the stew.  You will find the recipe by clicking on links above.

Between 4 and 6 months of age you can decrease the feedings to twice a day.  Some puppies "self wean" before then. 

When switching from puppy food to dog food, mix the current food you are using half and half with the food you are wanting to switch to, for a couple of days.  Then feed 3/4 "new food" with 1/4 "puppy food" for a couple more days and then straight "new food" after that.

Never feed your boxer puppy chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions or cooked bone, because illness could result.

Be sure to pick up your boxer's food bowl and put it away after 20 minutes if they do not finish their food.  "At will" feeding isn't healthy for the boxer and can lead to obesity.