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Amber Technology Products

Several years ago we rescued a dog that was dumped on our property.  He was a cute mixed breed dog...but he had a problem with horrible diarrhea.  We of course took him to the vet.  The vet ran all sorts of tests...and could not determine why he was having diarrhea.  So we tried different medications and foods prescribed by the no avail.  The poor little thing was eating, but rapidly loosing weight.  So out of desperation we did an internet search and came upon the Amber tech website.  We emailed them and they came up with a suggestion for us.  We decided to try the Kocci Free along with diatomaceous earth...and what do you our worked!!  We have been using their products ever since.... 

Feel free to email us at for further information.


An all natural dietary supplement which may help your animals overcome the deadly disease 'Parvo'. Success has been reported with other similar ailments such as corona, diarrhea, e-coli, and colic.   1oz bottle $45.97

Pet Pain

An all-natural dietary supplement designed to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation and fever.

1oz bottle  $24.97

Vibactra Plus

A dietary supplement as an HERBAL ANTIBIOTIC with an anti-parasitic!   1oz bottle $30.97

Tummy Trouble

A dietary supplement which may help relieve your dog, cat, ferret and other pets from most cases of vomiting and diarrhea!              1oz bottle $19.97

Kocci Free

An all-natural dietary supplement that acts as an anti-parasitic with antioxidants formulated to help your pet overcome Coccidiosis (also known as Coccidia).  

1oz bottle $30.97

HWF formerly known as Heartworm Free

An all natural dietary supplement which may help your animals overcome Heart Worms.

4oz bottle  $59.97

Otalgia Ear Drops

Otalgia Drops is designed for ear infections including ear mites. An all-natural dietary supplement which has a combination of herbs that help relieve the pain and pressure in the ear.

1oz bottle  $19.97

Pet Cough and Cold

An all-natural dietary supplement designed to help with acute respiratory health challenges.

1oz bottle $27.97


A special combination of herbs demonstrated to REDUCE INFLAMMATION, support upper respiratory and bowel conditions, ease muscle, joint and nerve pains. An all-natural dietary supplement. See Adizone C for cats.    1oz bottle $24.97

Urinary Tract Relief

A dietary supplement blend of herbs in an antimicrobial base designed to help animals overcome Urinary Tract Infections                                1oz bottle $36.97