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I am not saying specifically for little girls, or big girls, but generally asked for by them. 



Little Mermaid


My dolly

My clown

Big bird


more Elmo

Raggedy Ann


Doll cake

Little fairy

Flip Flops cake

Wonder Woman

Celebratilng Dancing

Cathy cake

Clara's celebration dance cake

Star Brite

Dora cake

Castle cake w coach and princess

Hello Kitty

Clara's celebration dance cake

Hello Kitty cake

doll cake

llittle doll

basketweave flower sheet cake

flip flops cake

lil mermaid cake

little bee cake

mermaid cake

little tutu dancer

castle cake w coach

dreamwalker cake

Let's dance cake

Cleo de Nile

cheerleader Miss Kitty

three turtle toppers

dancer with roses cake for Clara

Panda cake

turtle theme cake