Our little girl

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Our Sadie

 Little Sadie rules the roost.  She may be little now, but she has already won the hearts of her big brothers.  Sammy her white boxer brother has appointed himself her guardian, just in case his stubborn Alpha reverse brindle brother Max had other thoughts on the matter.  But she has managed to win over even Max, and that is a feat in itself.  She is a rough and tumble girl that tackles both of them daily and romps and plays without so much as a squeal. 

Sadie when she came to us

 settles right into pillows and blankets-she came prespoiled

 definitely likes rugs

 She loves the sun

 She loves trying to learn from Max

 Max shows Sadie the ropes

 at the end of the day, if you are at the computer next to a small rug, they will pile up next to you.


 takes over the bed and lets you have whatever is left

 will occasionally nap in her daybed

 she loves the outdoors

 She loves playing tug with anything with Sammy

 Sammy and Sadie take turns making pillows out of each other at naptime.

 all three taking an afternoon nap

 Sadie is after her brothers ankles

To know her is to love her

She rules the roost