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Chronic Ear Infections...

Chronic ear infections can signal the fact that your boxer has an allergy to something he is eating on a regular basis.

However, an ear infection might also be caused by mites. In both cases, your vet can provide you with treatment.

In any event, if your boxer has chronic or recurring ear infections, or if your boxer is scratching at his ears or shaking his head, or if the ear seems red and hot or has a smelly discharge of any kind, it is time to see the vet.

If you find your boxer getting most of his ear infections during the summer months, you may have a boxer who likes to play in water.

Many like to bite the water coming out of a hose or sprinkler head or stick their heads under running water.

As innocuous as this may sound, getting water in their ears can be a cause of ongoing, chronic ear infections for many boxers. If you notice that your boxer's ear infections correspond with warmer weather, you may need to restrict his water playtime.