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Car Safety

When you travel by car, everyone knows how important it is to buckle up for safety, but what about your four–legged traveling companions?

An unrestrained pet can be seriously injured in the event of even a minor accident. A 60–pound unrestrained dog becomes a 2,700 pound projectile at just 35 mph. An unrestrained pet can also cause a driving distraction that poses a danger to the driver, passengers, other drivers on the road as well as bystanders.

Driver distraction is the number one cause of automobile accidents and according to the CDC, each day more than 15 people are killed and 1,200 people injured in crashes that involved a distracted driver.

Compounding the danger, if you are involved in an accident, a loose pet is much more likely to escape the car in the confusion and become lost or injured.

What to do? One of the safest ways to secure your dog in the car is with a seat belt system designed for dogs. The Dog Vehicle Harness consists of a machine–washable fully padded vest with heavy–duty straps that connect to the seat belt in your car with an easy to use link.

Once connected, your dog will be able to enjoy the scenery but won't be able to move about the car causing a distraction. While the harness will allow your dog some movement, he or she will be safely restrained in case of a sudden stop.

If you enjoy driving with the window down, the safety harness also makes it impossible for your dog to jump out the window, or to escape from an open door.

So make a commitment to keeping everyone safe on the road by ensuring that every traveler is buckled up, even your furry family members.