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Animal cakes continued

Animal cakes make everyone of all ages smile.  No one grows out of wanting the Mickey or Goofy birthday cake.  Miss Kitty can be for girls of all ages, for any celebration.  Everyone has a dog and those who don't, wish they did or had one growing up, and scooby doo is a good substitute for boys of all ages.  Flavors can be made inside and out of any favorite. 

turkey cake for the holiday

little ducky

carousel horse with or without sheet cake

hatching chick

cute bunny


Thanksgiving guest

chocolate bunny


valentine bear




chocolate bunny face

care bear w cookie ballons






easter rabbit

the big fish


baby lamb

little bee

little goofy-Happy Birthday Amy

birds with chenille border cake

Miss Kitty with her pom poms cheering

47th anniversary cake-still monkeying around

little dog toppers

butterfly, cat, dog- the whole crew! happy birthday

baby duck

the easter twosome

panda cake

lab toppers

boxer pup cake done for someone special

Valentine pup

Goofy celebration birthday cake