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We have pages of cakes, cupcakes and cookies.  We also have breads, cake pops, truffles, cookie bouquets, brownies, pies, etc.  You inquire and we will give you the added information, if you don't find it here.



We done breads in tins for the holidays in pumpkin, old fashiioned sweet potato, spiced applesauce raisin,and zucchini cheese bread

Pound cakes- both regular size and mini in all flavors both in the pound cake and on the glaze

Bundt cakes are another examples are treats made big and minis in all flavors- with both the cake flavors and the flavors that are drizzled on them, or they can come fully decorated.

Cheesecake can be made as itself or in small dipped bites

dipped strawberries when in season and with proper notice

cake bites simple or fancy in small batches or larger

chocolate truffles

Cookie bouquets made up for the occasion

Small six inch cakes fully decorated

or just a six inch frosted chocolate cake with the option of raspberry or peppermint added to the cake or icing

Brownies, with or without nuts- iced or without

pan size cookies of the season whether it is the gingerbread boy, a bunny head, a flower, a heart, a christmas tree, a cute bear, a princess or just a big cookie decorated however you like, just to name a few.

bite size fully decorated cookies according to the occasion

how about thanking your Vet with his own dog house of cookies?

there are those that just want the traditional sugar cookie, or oatmeal raisin, or peanutbutter, chocolate chip, or plain chocolate cookie put up in pretty boxes

your favorite pan size cookie from olaf to the princess, santa to tinkerbell - you ask for it and we will tell you if it is possible

honey glazed nuts by the pound when available

don't forget to look at the cupcake page, whether they are individual or in pullaparts- for any occasion

look at the cookie pages for the different ways to make up cookies for parties or to celebrate the holidays, and we have more-they just couldn't all fit!

nothing is better than a pineapple upside down cake with pineapple on top and on the sides

half sheet tres leches cake covered in fruit in season with border of creme goodness

these are chocolare fudge bundt cakes w caramel sauce and nuts, but you can have peaches w vanilla bean bundt w vanilla glaze, or apple spice bundt w buttescotch glaze, or lemon cream cheese bundt w lemon glaze, or coconut carrot bundt w vanilla glaze w toasted coconut, or maple pecan bundt w maple glaze, or many more in six inch boxes.

Peanutbutter treats suitable for humans but made for boxerkids & bird