Emme bird

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Emme bird

 Emme bird is our emerald green severe macaw.  She runs the roost.  It took five years for us to know if she was male or female.  You have to do a blood feather to see if they are male or female and everytime we took Emme in, she would hyperventilate at the Vets, and we would leave rather than have anything happen to her.  The minute she was in the car, Emme would laugh.  She had managed to pull the wool over the Vet's eye's one more time.  After five years, Emme started laying eggs, so we knew Emme was a she.  Emme can immitate voices, - she used to call the dogs in our mom's voice and they would come running for a treat- and when they would get to the house- she would laugh.hahaha.  She picks up things from the horror flicks and will repeat them at the oddest hours of the morning.  I swear she does it on purpose.  When she wants a treat, she will say"C,mere" and you are suppose to come and bring her one.  If you don't.  It's "move it, move it."  then "c,mere",  She is a trip. 

Emme coming to see what you are up to

Emme looking for her treats

Emme knows they have to be around somewhere

she is beginning to pace

She is getting serious now

she found her "fruit loops for the fruit loop"

trying to figure out why you are still there

decided to come over to look

Emme wanted a cheese peanutbutter cracker

she will pose for one of these

almost finished

all done, now to act silly

exercise the wings first

look at me

trying to think what to do next

standing on one foot

do some signaling

here's another signal

betcha don't know what this one is

can't be American Eagle.... Italian is closer.

this is Arriba,Arriba-like El torro except I do it with towels

do you know what this one means

I'm done for now!

did you miss me?

this is Kung Fu Emme exercises

you need to pull a feather to exercise with

the pouncing dragon position

the guarded dragon position-

Oh maid! did you forget to bring my food?

guarding ninja

That's all for now, don't want to wear you out!

some breathing exercises

okay, lets play Arriba!

I came down here to terrorize a boxer, but no boxer!

okay, she just cleaned my cage, lets see how I can unclean it!


just looking for the sunshine!