More Photos of the Kids

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The Kids at Play and otherwise

You can always find the three of them together or pretty much in the same vicinity.  Once in a while the boys will take turns keeping their sister amused while the other catches his breath.  Sadie can be quite a hand full.  She is the princess of the castle; and when they tend to forget it, she will come and sit on their head or shoulder to remind them.  No matter how much she may touch on their last nerve once in a while, let anyone come close to little sis and their hair on their back will raise and they go in protective mode, shoving her behind them, all the while she is trying to take the lead.  The are quite the trio of Batman, Batman II and Batgirl. 

Sammy on lookout

Max checking things out

Sadie just chillin

Sadie tells Max to catch me if you can

Sadie reminds Max of what she will do later

Sammy takes his turn to amuse his sister with pull toy

and their off and running

Max needs to cool off

Sammy is resting in the sun

Sadie is giving her opinion

Max is trying to look disinterested

Max and Sammy playing tag

Sadie's response to Max being disinterested(sticking her tongue out)

decided to wait on the coffee table for her food

she found out it was less trouble waiting it out with Sammy

Sadie eating lettuce she snatched while we were making salads

and when Sammy isn't available, she will pile in with Max

Sadie will sleep in a bed by herself but likes to cuddle

truth be told, I think they are used to her snuggling

well maybe Max would prefer her to snuggle in the big bed

the weather radio alerts are going off and Max is waiting for someone to turn them off

Sammy says it is too much noise for him too!

Sadie says she just may have to join one of the boys

storm has passed, quiet at last.

rain is good sleeping weather

if brothers sleep, sister may as well sleep.....

we may have three of each, but if someone else is playing with it, Sadie claims it!

Max was Alpha first and will argue over possession for a while

and a while longer

or Sammy will go tell "mom"

he eventually gives in to her

Max went to his corner

or better yet, join in and break it up himself

and the little queen somewhere in between

Sammy to his

Sammy went in to catch 40 winks while he can!

Max won't stay still too long, he has to patrol!

Sadie is not thru playing yet!

Which leaves Max to finish playing with!