Sisters Awesome Boxers

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Our Boys

 The boys take their individul jobs very seriously. Max(Maximillian worth a billion) is the guardian, alerting to any person not being mom or sissy- prancing around and showing that he is gorgeous and handsome and amazing to behold.  He is the reverse brindle with the head held high and the tail at attention.  Sammy(Samuel) is self appointed caretaker of the decrepit.  Anybody that has any malady or needs to be checked on, but at times watch out, because he can get a little under foot while doing it.  If you lie still too long, he will put a cold nose on you, to make sure you still have a good startle reflex.  Sammy is the white boxer and has the best laid back personality of any boxer we have ever had.  He is so loving and accepts his brother and sister unconditionally and shows so much love to his human counterparts that it is amazing! There is no other like him.



 how was I to know he was a good guy?

 we both have been told that you have to let sleeping humans lie

 that is untless you want to take a quick dip in the cool water

I smell barbeque

I just said I smelled it.

Max and Sammy

 I have to stay out here until you have had your nap

 Max tells him to learn to patrol and stay out of hot water


 Mom, are we having barbeque?

 Where's the barbeque?

Not taking any chances, I'll wait right here.

 Move over, me too!