More Pictures of Sadie, Sammy and Max

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Watching the children as they interact

 The boys had been together more than a couple years when we threw in a little sister. Even though at times she has overwhelmed both their patience, let anyone lay a finger on their little sister and their will both take that person or four legged fellow to task. She is their sister for better or worse.  They have taught her every good and bad habit they possess and we remind them of that on a daily basis, just in case they need reminding.  She is as cute as they come and wins them both over by naptime.

where did Sadie go?

don't get too comfortable, I think she is coming now!

I am getting down till she is done stretching!

must have pillow and stretch!

Now, where did my brothers go off to?

I think they are telling secrets and I want to hear!

This is the look we are supposed to give when we are asked what we are doing.

and again!

playing tug with Sadie on top

Sadie really wants that toy

Sammy won out temporarily

Sadie will pout and the boys will let her have the toy

the boys can have a wrestling match

another nap, works better if they all arrive at the same time.

the boys will try retreating to one of the dog beds thinking that she surely will not join them!

Max waited to see what would happen!

She still prefers to double up

Max wants his single if he has his way

no mattter where, they are always close by

Just hanging out

I heard a noise

did I hear a treat fall?

anyone for a quick dip?

We'd rather sunbathe!

okay,but the water is perfect!

bed buddies

the three boxerteers

mom, put the camera away!

I didn't do it!


We are waiting for our hamburgers to arrive!

we didn't do it!

Sammy and Max taking a break from their sister

Sadie wants it right now!

Sammy,Sadie, and Max listening for instruders

Lets just put the camera up mom!

Sadie on patrol!

Max watching the birds

aren't they cute?