More pictures of the boxers at play

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Boxer togetherness

Whether at play or at rest, these three are usually found together or pretty close in the same area.  Sadie has so much energy that sometimes one of the boys will trade off a quick nap while the other keeps her occupied, but it is always in the same vicinity in case he needs backup.  At nine months, she has become as tall and weighs about the same as her brothers now, so she holds her own. 

the boys will tuck their sister behind them when napping

one of the few times that she will sleep by herself

Sadie splashing at the water filling the tub

Sadie dunking Max in the water

Sadie, Sammy and Max racing around the yard

the trio in a rest break

Sammy taking his turn while Max is on break

The three of them together

Sadie looking for frogs

playing fetch with the kong, Sadie calls it hers

triumphant Sadie

Sadie has her prize

Max listening for intruders

Sammy thought he saw something

Sadie might have to stroll on over there and check

it's only the call to supper!

Max and Sadie running around a tree

Sadie wrestling w Max w Sammy being referee

Sammy called the match a draw

Sadie attempted to argue the point

Sammy ignores her

The happy trio decide to take it indoors and cool off

Anybody up for a run?

watch her go!

let's call it a draw and head in for a nap!

I picked out my place!

Sammy and Sadie playing tug!

all three playing ball deciding the next move

Max cooling off in the water

half time for the game

the three boxerteers

Game over, Sadie went in.

I think Max has it!

which way did it go?

He hid it in the water, I'll get it!

Sadie and Sammy playing tug

Sadie REALLY wants that toy

Sadie managed to get the toy and pleased with herself

Sammy and Sadie taking time out

Sammy and Sadie having a discussion