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Playtime for all

 Boxers love to play, whether it is a romp thru water, thru leaves, playing tug, a good game of fetch, or just chasing one another around the yard.  Afterwards either basking in the sun or in on the bed with as many pillows and blankets as they can accumulate, sounds even more appealing. The best treat of all is just being told that they are loved and a good squeeze to prove it. 

naptime on the daybed

 Sammy and Max are going to play ball

 Sammy was caught sliding into base by Max

 Max said that was a good idea but Sammy was still out.

 and take his ball and quit the game.


 Sadie wants to play too!

 Sammy is running for the base with Max on his tail

 Sammy told Max to go soak his head - that he was safe.

 Sammy said then he would soak his head.

 Max suggested a time out to dry out.

 western boys


 playing tug

 Max is still trying to figure out why this little thing thinks she is in charge.