Joanne's Unique Cakes and Sisters Awesome Boxers

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Cake Information

On the following pages are examples of the cakes, cupcakes, cookies  and cookie bouquets that I have had the pleasure of making recently and in the past. There are many more, but I couldn't fit them all within these pages. Whether they are cakes, cupcakes, cookies- giant or small, or cookie bouquets- all are "homemade" using only the best, freshest ingredients, and they can be made in your favorite cake and/or icing flavor. 

Cake flavors that are most popular are - almond, applesauce,banana nut, butter pecan, caramel nut, carrot, chocolate cherry, chocolate fudge, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate kalua, chocolate raspberry, coconut cream, cherry, expresso cream, german chocolate, hazelnut, honey coconut orange, lemon,lime, macadamia rum, macaroon,marbeling(many flavor combinations) or checkerboarding, orange, peach, pear,pineapple, pumpkin,raspberry, spice, strawberry, and vanilla cream.

Filling and frosting flavors- apple,apricot,buttercream, banana cream, cherry, chocolate bavarian cream, chocolate fudge, coconut, cream cheese, lemon, lime, maple, orange, peach, peppermint, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry.

If you don't see your favorite listed- that doesn't mean we can't include it.

Click on the cake galleries above to view the pictures. 

If you see a  cake that you are interested in,  or have your own ideas for your sweet treats, please feel free to contact me at

Emails come thru quicker at times, than phone service in our area. Two weeks notice would be appreciated to discuss what you would like and to complete the project, especially since some of the centerpiece decorations can take up to ten days to dry before being placed on the cake.

Payment is taken in cash only. 

Happy viewing!!!